Our dramatic 'Kabuki' company was organized only by female members in 1983.
 'Kabuki' is a traditional Japanese art originally performed only by males. The female roles performed by males could draw feminine gestures,tenderness, motherhood, and tender passion more effectively.
 Therefore, we tried to form a female group because we think that the male roles performed by females might emphasize male bravery, consideration, and toughness.
 We believe that we would discover other good qualities of 'Kabuki' in the opposite sense using the female 'New Kabuki' versus the traditional male 'Kabuki'.
 'Kabuki' holds freshness even in our age in spite of the fact that the traditional Japanese act began more than three hundreds years ago ;
We are happy even if you feel a little of its freshness close to you with this performance by ordinary women like us.
 The Kabuki actors usually inherit the family tradition. The actors make much of their family name and train to improve their skill.
Among Kabuki's family, there are a few distinguished families.
One of those families, the Ichikawas, has accepted our way, and three of our actors have been permitted to use of the Ichikawa family name.
We will do our best to be true to its "Ichikawa" name from now on.

 Now we continue to perform in Japan, and would like people all over the world to understand Japanese 'Kabuki'. Therefore we would like to perform in every country. If you are interested in our "Daughters of Kabuki", please contact us.

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